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Emergency Plumbing

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Emergency Plumbing

Cascade Plumbing offers 24 hour emergency plumbing service in the GTA. From broken pipes to clogged drains, no matter what the trouble, our family-owned Toronto plumbing company is on call day and night, seven days a week - including holidays, to solve your plumbing emergencies in Toronto. At Cascade Plumbing, we pride ourselves in delivering excellent customer service.

Nobody ever wants to need an emergency plumber, but if you ever do, it's important to know that the plumber you are calling is licensed and experienced enough to get your plumbing repair done efficiently. At Cascade Plumbing, we have a reputation to be quick to the job site, and quick to get the job done without cutting any corners. We have always prided ourselves on offering our clients fast and reliable service for any emergency plumbing needs.

If you need a reliable emergency GTA plumber, call Cascade Plumbing anytime at (416) 602-2128 and you will speak directly with a knowledgeable company representative who can assess your problem and dispatch a professional licensed plumber to your home or business right away. For prompt and courteous 24 hour plumbing emergency service in Toronto, trust Cascade Plumbing to get the job done.

All of our emergency repair plumbers are fully licensed to deliver plumbing services in the GTA. We have years of experience repairing pipes, toilets and water systems in the GTA and are able to quickly identify any plumbing problem and come up with a speedy solution. We are always pleased to offer a free quote, even for emergency plumbing repairs. With Cascade Plumbing you never have to worry about how much your emergency plumbing bill will be after the repairs are completed. You will know what the job will cost up front.

Finding yourself in a plumbing emergency is a scenario nobody wants to be in. Picture this, it's 4am, you hear a noise in your house, and find a burst pipe that is gushing water all over your house, what do you do? Most people don't know who to call in these situations. At Cascade Plumbing we can get out to your house fast. We will come when you call at any time of the day or night. We are trusted emergency plumbers in Toronto that take care of plumbing emergencies fast and at a fair price.